Our Vision

A Christ-centered community, drawn together by the Holy Spirit to experience,express and expand God's love through Jesus Christ.

Christ Centered

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church exists as a church with Christ as a focal point - that salvation as provided only through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by inviting Christ into our hearts and establishing a personal relationship with Christ, and that the life and teachings of Jesus Christ aids in developing and maintaining that relationship with Christ.

Spiritual Growth

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church believes that to experience the power and grace of the Holy Spirit, we must grow and develop our faith through spiritual growth and nourishment. We create and develop the journey of faith of our congregation through individual and communal prayer, interactive Christian Worship, through effective and meaningful sacraments, through purposeful, interactive Bible study, and through the power of uplifting, dynamic music ministry.

Expressing God's Love

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church supports a climate that is warm, accepting, enthusiastic, casual, friendly and comfortable and by doing so creates energy that will grow the church, while cultivating the spiritual needs of the congregation and community while still providing the support and intimacy that a church family provides.

Sharing God's Love

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church believes discipleship and mission work is the key to providing lasting spiritual stability in each person, and the church family as a whole.

Family Nurturing Environment

Mountain Vista United Methodist Church believes that family and youth activities are important in developing and fostering a solid Christian foundation for the family members. Activities that develop family faith and fellowship and youth development are vital in developing this Christian environment.